We Shall See

It’s November 1 and I am neither writing a novel for NoPoNoMo or whatever it’s called, nor hanging up my razor in honor of Noshavember–please don’t ask. But I am using this day during which I have a stack of rough drafts of research papers awaiting me and my pen of power to launch this thing in earnest so that I can get myself in the habit of blogging. So here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I like to tell people what to do, so I’m going to use this site to do just that. I also like telling people what I think, so expect some of that as well.¬†Most of the time, I’ll do that with writing, but I’m also thinking of doing a short weekly video post where I answer an advice question and chat a bit.
  • I also like filling up my brain with other people’s good ideas and thoughts and observations so I would also really like it if you’d chime in now and then. Share a thought, offer your six cents, tell me what you’re reading and why I should read it, too.
  • I have been given the great gift of many, many smart, thoughtful friends and now and then I’d like to pass their goodness on as well, so look for the occasional guest post and/or co-host.

So we shall see.

A note to the Mommy Revolutionaries who might stumble upon this site. Caryn and I are still dear friends and we still believe all of the good stuff we were trying to work out on that blog. You can keep up with Caryn and all her great work at her site,¬†carynrivadeneira.com, so please go see her over there if you haven’t already.

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One thought on “We Shall See

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Carla!
    I’d love to know if you have any suggestions for making Playdate Blind Dates (see my latest blog post) more bearable or how to make friends as a grown-up with little free time.

    – Rachel

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