Trouble with Teenagers

Actual advice!!! Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m thinking I can swing a video response to one of your questions at least once a week. Lucky Tracie gets to be the guinea pig!

If you need advice about kids, relationships, work, shoes, TV shows, whatever, email me at!

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3 thoughts on “Trouble with Teenagers

  1. This kind of advise is exactly what I wanted and wished for my parents to use when I was a teenager. It was all about control for them, and I ended up just shutting down completely, interacting with them only when I had to. Not healthy. Now, my 19 year old sister is trying to leave home and start on a life she dreams of, and she doesn’t know how to approach our parents about it. I remember just wanting to have the opportunity to make mistakes. The space to try out anything on my own without someone breathing down my neck, and I think I would have made good decisions – because my parents had already taught me the skills to make the good decisions, they just never let me practice. Tracie, let her practice showing you what you’ve already taught her! :)

  2. jenny says:

    good reminders at all stages!!

  3. Tracie says:

    So honoured to be the guinea pig.

    We actually give her a lot of freedom (which is easier the 3rd time around for a number of reasons) and that’s why I was feeling a bit like I was ignoring too much or not parenting her. You’ve made me feel better about it. Also, I wasn’t envisioning moderate change. I was thinking I should be giving way more direction than I am in a last ditch effort before she leaves to make her…well, perfect. And isn’t that silly. So I’ll suggest some small things and hope she responds to my gentle hand guiding her. You’re right of course, changing too much would have caused a lot of trouble.

    Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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